Posted by Kenneth (Ken) McGrath on Dec 12, 2017
Next week our club is receiving the first of two shipments of baby/toddler totaling over 55 tons.  We have most of the recipients identified but will need the involvement of our club members to help coordinate the receipt and distribution of the food.  Please contact Bob Bolte, who has worked diligently on setting up the shipping arrangements for the distribution of the food, to offer your assistance.  This project was started by two Rotarians from the Ithaca, New York club who coordinated the production of the 330,000 food packets with another club in Indiana.  The food was produced by through the volunteer efforts of the workers in the Indiana factory who donated their time over a weekend for the production.  The Ithaca Rotarians also raised over $15,000 to pay for the shipping to Puerto Rico.  Our club should be proud to have been involved in this effort and I encourage everyone to help next week with the final stage of this process, which started in September.