Posted by Kenneth (Ken) McGrath on May 01, 2018
While we are starting to focus on our upcoming celebration of our 100th anniversary, you should know that the club is still hard at work in providing relief to the many communities still struggling in the aftermath of the hurricane.  A few weeks ago, we delivered 52 mattresses to a sector of Loiza that was flooded by the hurricane.  Some families lost all of their possessions and have been sleeping on damp, or moldy mattresses, while many have no mattress to sleep on.  We are working on obtaining an additional 160 mattresses to deliver to another part of Loiza, which is one of the neediest areas of Puerto Rico.  Also, today the club's board
approved a donation of $3,000 to buy construction supplies to help a family rebuild their home in Las Marias.  These projects were brought to the attention of the Relief Committee by club members.  If you know of any family or community that needs help, please let the relief committee know.  We have the resources available to help.
Also, just a reminder that we are still looking for sponsors for the Gala to be held in August.  Last week Pepito sent out a flyer with the details. We have a lot to both celebrate and be thankful for this year and are counting on your help and involvement.