Posted by Jose M.(Pepito) Rivero-Olmedo on Jul 17, 2018
            I want to express my sincere thanks to ALL the Rotarians of the San Juan Rotary Club for the opportunity to serve as club president during the centennial year.  Special thanks to PP Ken McGrath whose help and dedication to make the centennial celebration on August 4, 2018, a success, has made the task look lighter.  For this special occasion, we need that all our members attend accompanied with their spouses.  We will be honored with the visit of the Rotary International President, Barry Rassin with his wife, Esther.  As soon as we received further details of their visit, we will share with all of you.
            My main goal for this year is to maintain a stable membership and to add ten more to our successful team.  Help me and the Board to reach this goal and continue celebrating this 100-year journey.  Your attendance is important in each meeting.  Looking forward to greet you in our next meeting, Tuesday, July 17.