Posted by Patricia Schneider on Feb 25, 2020
Guest speaker, TONY SCHIFANO, is the founder and CEO of Antos Environmental - a Management firm focused on implementing sustainability initiatives, specifically waste reduction.  Founded 30 years ago as an education company, Antos helps elevate this organizational performance in hospitals, universities, corporations and countries to reduce landfill waste, recycle, create circular economies, build sustainable infrastructures - reduce food waste by composting to support farming and energy.  His clients, just to name a few:  Yale/NYU/ Columbia/Baptist/U of Miami/Mount Sinai (7 hospitals in NYC)/Thomas Jefferson U & Hospitals/Doctor's Center Hospital in Puerto Rico - & over a thousand more.  Mr. Schifano wrote Federal Regulations, the Medical Waste Tracking Act in 1988.  He has spoken at conference throughout the world.  Our speaker gave a vivid description of what a virtual garbage dumps our world is becoming. He sees possible salvation in our youth and stands ready and willing to bring his talk to schools on the island He ended his talk with the following: Waste Disposal is NOT Waste Management.  We have a long way to go to get a handle on the management part.