Posted by Patricia Schneider on Dec 11, 2018
We had a return visit from one of the island's most dynamic community and civic leaders, OLGA RAMOS, President of the Boys & Girls Club in Puerto Rico.  The 50-year-old club has served more than 15,500 children and teens annually in 13 centers and over 8,000 family members.  A non-profit organization whose focus is on providing youth with hope of a better future and opportunities to develop their full potential by providing the necessary tools to create and/or obtain a satisfactory job that allows them to reach economic security, so they can break the generational cycle of poverty.  The cost of providing all these services and opportunities to more than 15,500 children and youth each year is $12m. The average income is the households these young people come from is half the average income in Mississippi, which means that 390,000 of them are growing up in marginalized environments that do not promote a positive development.  The progress of our island depends significantly on our ability to help our poor communities through training, education and support to help them find employment.  President Olga Ramos has a BA degree from UPR and a Law Degree from Interamerican U and has held various positions in finance & business strategy with Walmart and Sam's Club.