Posted by Patricia Schneider on Mar 17, 2020

Candidate for Governor of Puerto Rico, Pedro Pierluisi, feels that his four years as Secretary of Justice and eight years as Resident  Commissioner, gives him the experience, capability and relationships in Washington, plus total commitment to make a difference for the benefit of our people.   Three years of turmoil call for transforming the government to put first a growing economy where we can feel safe and live fully.  Two main issues are (1) to grow the economy and (2) to trust our government again.  The five-year fiscal plan needs to be revised to reflect government resources.  Our speaker will promote bio-tech companies, seek comprehensive tax reform, and Statehood for Puerto Rico.  A simple vote of Yes or No for Statehood.  If Statehood wins, as he is confident it will, we should put the issue to rest and get on with working together.  Thanks to Sherman Wildman for bringing us this timely program.