Posted by Patricia Schneider on Oct 22, 2019

Guest speaker, Carolyn Ferrandino, was introduced by husband and fellow-Rotarian, John Ferrandino.  With a Masters Degree from Penn State (where they met) she furthered her studies at UPR & the U of Paris.   Then, Carolyn graduated with a Beekeeping Certification from the U of Kentucky and has been heavily involved with the bee industry in Puerto Rico.  She is also the President and Owner of Truly Nolen Pest Control.  Her mission is to try to create awareness of the importance of pollinators, honeybees and the honeybees on the island.  Pollinators range from lady bugs, bats, wasps, etc.  But, the most efficient and beneficial pollinator to mankind is the honeybee (Apis mellifera).

Everything honeybees do is good!  pollinate, food, medicine, lotions, creams, etc.  Bee pollen has an impressive nutritional profile.  It contains over 250 biologically active substances.  Even bee stings have medicinal value better known as Apitherapy.  Our speaker asked us to do our part to protect bees.  It's the best legacy we can leave our progeny.  Thanks to John for bringing us this positive and informative program.