Posted by Patricia Schneider on Apr 30, 2019
Guest speaker, ROBB RILL, is the founder of The Strategic Group PR, headquartered In Dorado Beach, PR, which is a private equity firm that specializes  in investing in private companies, with an emphasis in finance and technology, and taking majority or wholly owned equity positions in them.  His Fund has achieved unparalleled success.  As one of the pioneer recipients of the new tax incentive laws in Puerto Rico intended to incentivize asset managers to relocated in Puerto Rico in exchange for a 4% tax rate, he was one of the first ten recipients to relocate to the island in 2013.  Thus, he became the founder of the 20/22 Act Society, an organization with several hundred members, which has become the epicenter for tax grant recipients which are primarily but not exclusively hedge funds and private equity firms seeking to take advantage of these new programs. The 20/22 Act Foundation, which is the main charitable vehicle for recipients of tax incentives on the island has effected change for the estimated 300,000 abandoned dogs on the island among supporting other numerous local charities.  His talk inspired many questions from the audience And, oh yes, he and his wife, Tara, have their beloved Golden Retriever, Chloe, rescued from the streets and enjoying her home in Dorado Beach and summers in Vancouver, British Columbia, as well as in Gainesville, Florida. Mr. Rill holds a BS and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Florida.