Posted by Delia Colorado on May 21, 2024
Hola. Hoping you had a good week, during which we had the opportunity to visit Tinto y Blanco twice. On Saturday, the District called an Intercitadina meeting which was well attended by our three metropolitan area clubs: Santurce, Rio Piedras and San Juan. All three presidents were there, John Shapiro, Marcos Perez Cruz, and me. A large group of members showed up. And then this past Tuesday was the second of the month, and the San Juan Club members know we gather there at that time, so we had an opportunity to meet again. There was only a small group, but the conversation was so good that we went past the usual time to go home.
Next Tuesday we have the Distinguished Citizen of the Year Award Dinner, at 6 PM in AFDA, please do not miss it. Call, text me or write so that we reserve a spot for you and your guests. Remember the kitchen needs a number to prepare the food.
This will be the last meeting of May. Before this fiscal year ends, there will only be four more meetings, how time has flown. And I hope that you have made plans to attend the District Conference June 28 to 30 in Costa Bahia resort in Guayanilla.
See you next Tuesday, have a nice weekend.