Posted by Frank Earle on Sep 22, 2020
Dear Fellow Rotarians,
In September and October, we are planning exchange of meetings with the Rotary Club of St. Simons Island Georgia. They will host the first dual meeting on September 29, and we will host the return meeting on October 20. Both meetings are on Tuesdays at our usual time of 12:30 PM on ZOOM.
They have engaged a wonderful Historian to take us through the rich history of the coastal communities of Georgia beyond.
For our meeting, I want to have a similar agenda with a knowledgeable Historian who could address both clubs and take us through the very interesting history of Puerto Rico and also add a taste of the beauty of our island.   I believe that our own members would also find the subject engaging and educational if we find the right person to tell the story. If anyone knows or can recommend the Historian, we need please let me know as soon as possible so that we start preparing the program.
 Thank you,
(787 605 3891)