Posted by Kenneth (Ken) McGrath on May 22, 2018
This past week several of our members attended a seminar given by a representative of Rotary International devoted to the development and submission of Global Grants.  Our club has several longer-term projects related to water, economic/youth and peace which will be submitted shortly to the Rotary Foundation.  Global grants are available for longer term sustainable projects which fall into several different categories.  Since Hurricane Maria our club has been focused on the fulfillment of short term needs of the many communities.  We are transitioning to the use of global grants which will allow the club to continue to serve the needs of those communities over a longer-term period and help in sustainable development and education.  Many relief organizations which have been providing support to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of the hurricane will be winding down their efforts over the next few months.  Unlike most other relief organizations Rotary will be involved in a continuing effort to serve the neediest communities and projects over the coming years.  We count on your support and involvement in these efforts.