Visiting Rotarian, Mary Toews, of the RC of Everett WA, was part of an eight-person team of teachers and students led by Rotarian Rich Anderson who participated in a 110 wheelchair delivery program.  Supported by funds raised by the Everett RC, the Canadian Wheelchair Foundation and the Rotary Clubs of Turabo, Isla Verde, Manati, Mayagues, Moca, Monacillos and Santurce, the project deliverd the wheelchairs in Yabucoa, U of Sagrado Corazon and Maricao.  The Everett and Turabo Clubs are implementing a $20,800 matching grant in the Indieras Community of Maricao to develop three small social enterprises.  (See photo)
The San Juan Rotary Club also concluded its Sabores de la Casa Project by returning the remaining $107 of the $14,721 grant to the Rotary Foundation. 
San Juan Rotary’s third Matenwa, Haiti Matching Grant was approved and work is expected to commence soon. 

Finally, Rotarians Alberto Estrella and Kenneth Suria are collaborating with Santurce Rotary in the delivery of a 40 ft. container full of medical equipment and supplies for Siervas de Maria, Casa de Salud in Viejo San Juan.  These are examples of the magic in Rotary!