"The oldest continuously operating club in the world south of the Tropic of Cancer"

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Are you an established professional who wants to make positive changes in your community and the world? Our club members are dedicated people who share a passion for community service and friendship. Becoming a Rotarian connects you with a diverse group who share your drive to give back.

 Rotary joins leaders from all continents, cultures, and occupations. 

 Rotary exchanges ideas, bringing our expertise and diverse perspectives to help solve some of the world’s toughest problems.

 Rotary takes action to bring lasting change to communities around the world.

This past week several of our members attended a seminar given by a representative of Rotary International devoted to the development and submission of Global Grants.  Our club has several longer-term projects related to water, economic/youth and peace which will be submitted shortly to the Rotary Foundation.  Global grants are available for longer term sustainable projects which fall into several different categories.  Since Hurricane Maria our club has been focused on the fulfillment of short term needs of the many communities.  We are transitioning to the use of global grants which will allow the club to continue to serve the needs of those communities over a longer-term period and help in sustainable development and education.  Many relief organizations which have been providing support to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of the hurricane will be winding down their efforts over the next few months.  Unlike most other relief organizations Rotary will be involved in a continuing effort to serve the neediest communities and projects over the coming years.  We count on your support and involvement in these efforts.



Rotarians Ken McGrath, Pepito Rivero and Bob Bolte are holding the banner representing the Hurricane Relief donation of 327,000 pouches of baby food sent to Puerto Rico by the Skojdt-Barret Company in Indianapolis, Indiana and Toronto, Canada.  With the help of several island Rotary Clubs, the pouches were distributed to children, with 45% going to the elderly.  The pouches, prepared by employees on their free time, is another indication of the generosity of our Stateside compatriots.
Alberto Marti is the owner of Scuba Dogs, a PADI 5-Star Dive Center operating in Puerto Rico since 2000, and creator of the non-profit environmental organization Scuba Dogs Society.  Alberto also formed the Pez Basura Campaign, part of the leading International Coastal Cleanup movement.  A water safety expects, an environmentalist, a sports fan, a fish ad corals fan, and a diver, our speaker alerted the audience of the extent humanity has done with our precious water supply.  The Annual Coastal Cleanup reveals tons of harmful trash carelessly tossed into our ocean.  Plastic items, broken glass, and all types of unwanted debris are harvested and responsibly disposed of.  This careless disregard for our environment also affects the living creatures who call the sea their home. There is no doubt that the fish we consume can be ingesting some of this alien material as food.  Father of 2, grandfather of 3, Alberto was inspired by his father, noted advertising/renaissance man, Enrique Marti Coll.  Presently, having the Escambron area declared a Federal Marine Reserve is high on his projects list.
From Bellevue, Washington, PAUL DRESSEL, exchanged banners with President KEN. After the meeting, Rotarian Paul wrote a $4,000 check for our Hurricane Relief Fund.

Of the work our Club is doing to help the victims of Hurricane Maria, Rotary District 7000 presented President Ken McGrath with an award for outstanding service.


Club Director, Alan Austen, received his 2nd Paul Harris Award at last week's meeting.

Will be held this year in a different way, but with the same purpose of recognizing the contributions of Rotarians to the Rotary Foundation, in a year where our District hopes to complete large impact projects that will be possible with the funds of this entity.  The President of the Rotary Foundation Committee in the District, PDG Paul Roman Correa, invites all Rotary members to register and participate in the Foundation Awards Gala on Sunday, April 15, 2018 from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm in the Zafra del Caribe Restaurant in Gurabo.  


Vickie Michaud, Founder & CEO for Hope Builders, Inc., a non-profit volunteer organization formed to help victims of Hurricane Maria in Vieques, accepted a $7,000. check from San Juan Rotary's Hurricane Relief Fund to be shared among six families to make repairs to their homes and replace destroyed furniture, kitchen cabinets and appliances.  Amounts of $500 to $1500 per family will be used for supplies and labor.  This project was researched and approved by our Club's Hurricane Relief Committee.  


A community whose home were flooded by the rains of Hurricane Maria, received 52 mattresses last Tuesday thanks to San Juan Rotary's Hurricane Relief Fund.  As the accompanying pictures show, it was a hands-on task for several of our committee members assisted by community helpers.  Thanks to Bob & Aida Bolte, Armand & Nereida Pique, and Gerry Cumpiano for overseeing the delivery of the much needed bedding. A major source of the funds available for such a project were donated to our Club by many Rotary Clubs and individuals in the United States.

Congratulations to fellow-Rotarian and Guest Speaker DR. RAFAEL RODRIGUEZ MERCADO as he received his 6th Paul Harris Recognition Award.

Attending our meeting on Tuesday were Magda Baggett, Past District 7730 Governor; Joe Running, Asst. District 7730 Governor, both from the Fayetteville, NC Club; Jay Sollis, Asst. District 7730 Governor from New River, NC, and Branka Panic, Duke University Scholar from Serbia.  Joining them were President Ken McGrath, Past District 7000 Governor and President Elect Jose M. “Pepito" Rivero, and District 7000 Governor Elect Juanita Morris.



Inducted into San Juan Rotary on Tuesday was AMAURY RIVERA (Classification: Community Leader), sponsored by Warwick Butler.

Maria Magdalena Jacinto from Sao Paulo, Brazil, accompanied by her sister, Ana Beatriz Martinez, who  is a resident of Lomas Verdes, Bayamon, PR.  

San Juan Rotary inducted two new members at last week's meeting: RICARDO BETANCOURT (Business Service: Retired) sponsored by Past President Jorge Gonzalez and WEI YANG LI (Wine Distribution), President of JJ& L, Inc. Willie was sponsored by Rotarian Ralph Bixler.


ROTARIANS celebrated the 99th birthday of Charles "Chuck" Hitt with song and applause.  A pioneer in housing developments, a community leader and champion on the tennis courts, Chuck has been a positive spokesman for our island for many, many years. Happy Birthday, Chuck, from all your fellow-Rotarians!


Past District 5330 Governor, Shab El Awar, and  his wife Bricia, President of the San Bernardino, California Rotary Club, were in Puerto Rico to give San Juan Rotary's Hurricane Relief Fund a $13,000 donation.  PDG Shab El Awar also gave a two-hour seminar covering Rotary International's Global Grants Program.  Accompanying the California Rotarians were members of our Club.   


Inducted into San Juan Rotary was VILMA COLON (Business Service: Marketing), President of Corporate Communications. Vilma was a member of our club from 1987-2006 and was one of the first women in Rotary.  Sponsored by Patricia Schneider.
Troy Fields received word from Nanette Connelly that her mother, Rotarian Andree (Didi) Connelly, passed away in Madrid, Spain on December 20.
Representatives of both FEMA and the Small Business Administration (SBA) were our guests last Tuesday.  Hector Soto of FEMA and Annie Mustafa Ramos of SBA gave us an update on their respective organization's endeavors in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.  Thanks to Rotarian Ed Collins who made the arrangements.
Secretary of State Luis Rivera Marin and SBA Public Affairs Specialist, Annie Mustafa Ramos, receiving their Four Way Test Speaker  Mugs from  President Ken McGrath.
President:              Jose M.(Pepito) Rivero
President Elect:     Telesforo (Telin) Fernandez
Vice President:      Edwin Aquino
Secretary:              Carmen Hammel
Treasurer:              Luis Ramirez
Immediate Past
  President:            Kenneth McGrath
Directors - 1 year:  Alan Austen
                              Gerardo Cumpiano
                              Georganna Hildebrand
Directors -2 years: Robert Bolte
                              Enrique Sigas
Came to our Tuesday meeting.  We welcomed MAGDA BAGGETT, Past District Governor from Fayetteville NC and Neal Pocquette, President of the Rotary Club of Perrine Cutler Ridge Palmetto Bay (Miami) FL. 
PDG Magda is the sister of Antonio Grillo Lopez, MD, President of La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club in San Diego, CA whose club made a most generous donation of $10,000 to our Hurricane Relief Fund.  President Neal also presented his club's check for $33,575 to President Ken at the meeting.
Needless to say, Rotary Clubs from the mainland have been very supportive of our island's needs. 
Our Past President & District Governor Elect, Juanita Valentin Morris, as Director of the YWCA of San Juan, receives a $15,087 donation for repairs to the hurricane damaged YWCA building in Miramar.  Presenting the check is Georganna Hildebrand, fellow-San Juan Rotarian, who secured the funds from the Rotary Club of Santa Cruz, California.
The San Juan Rotary Board of Directors met with District Governor Jose Lucas Rodriguez on his Official Visit to the Club.  Our Board presented its Plans and Objectives for this Rotary Year.  Due to an interruption called "Hurricane Maria", the September meeting had a bit of a  delay.
DISTRICT GOVERNOR ELECT, Juanita Morris, received her lapel pin from 2017-18  DG Jose Lucas Rodriguez.  Past President Juanita will serve as DG in 2018-19.
Club Director and Coordinator of our annual Thanksgiving Event with the Boys and Girls Clubs, Edwin Aquino, reminded Rotarians of the upcoming 30th Anniversary Thanksgiving Day lunch for  underprivileged youngsters, senior citizens from Llorens Housing and special needs adults.  Approximately 550 will be enjoying a hot lunch, of particular importance in this post Maria period.  While the La Concha Hotel will be doing its part to help with the costs, San Juan Rotary needs to contribute its share.  Please let Pat Schneider know you are willing to help and she will put it on your Rotary account.  The club's email is: rotaryclubofsanjuan@gmail.com   Telephone: 787-342-6179.
Club Director Alan Austen accepts the Community Service Project Award $680 check for the Interact Club of Commonwealth HS.
We heard from Sam Bloch, Director of Communitiere, a San Francisco based organization active world wide that responds and brings relief to disasters stricken areas. 
Fellow Rotarian and Head of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) Dr. Stephen Waterman, spoke about the effects on public health during the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.  A sharp increase in mosquito borne infections can be mitigated by control of their breeding areas.  River and stream water is absolutely NOT for drinking to avoid water borne diseases.  Increased attention to everyday good hygiene practices such as frequent hand washing is a must.  The Center is investigating the cases of suspected rare diseases.
This young lady, 24-years old, from San Juan, Puerto Rico, completed her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of the Sacred Heart (“Universidad del Sagrado Corazón”) in Psychology. She has always been involved in community service and striving to help wherever possible.  She knew a Master Degree in Peace and Justice was the right choice after graduating.  She applied for a global grant scholarship to be able to pursue her dream.
Our Rotary Club of San Juan (D-7000) along with the Rotary Club of La Jolla Triangle (D-5340) submitted the application to Rotary International (Rotary Grants).  On July 11, 2017, she was awarded the scholarship in the amount of $45,000 to attend the University of San Diego, Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies, for the 2017-2019 academic years.
Now she is going to San Diego, California, to pursue her dreams of helping communities from around the world.  None of this would have been possible without the extraordinary help of the Rotary Club of San Juan, P.R.
PAST PRESIDENT, Juanita Morris, visited the Pittsburgh Rotary Club, who sponsored San Juan Rotary 100 years ago.  She invited the Club to our Centennial Celebration next year.  Both the Pittsburgh Club president and their District Governor Elect will try to come to our event.
The coveted ROTARIAN OF THE YEAR was awarded to Vice President and former District Governor, Jose M. Rivero-Olmedo.  CONGRATULATIONS PEPITO!
Club Executives & Directors
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