"The oldest continuously operating club in the world south of the Tropic of Cancer"

Celebrating 100 Anniversary

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Are you an established professional who wants to make positive changes in your community and the world? Our club members are dedicated people who share a passion for community service and friendship. Becoming a Rotarian connects you with a diverse group who share your drive to give back.

 Rotary joins leaders from all continents, cultures, and occupations. 

 Rotary exchanges ideas, bringing our expertise and diverse perspectives to help solve some of the world’s toughest problems.

 Rotary takes action to bring lasting change to communities around the world.

Thanks to ALL of you who helped me to show the President of Rotary International, Barry Rassin, the full support of our Club to the humanitarian causes for a whole century and starting a new one with the same enthusiasm.
His visit inspired more enthusiasm among all and especially in those who had the close opportunity to share with him during his visit to Puerto Rico.  Thanks to our District Governor, Juanita Valentín-Morris, for her support and help to bring her DG classmates to know closely how we work and enjoy too.  PDG John Richardson, your expertise and eagerness to make of this occasion a real success is very much appreciated.  Immense gratitude to PPI Ken McGrath for the extraordinary efforts to gather important history data that resulted in a beautiful collection of memories.  FR Jorge González, PP, was an important key player to gather important resources for our program; thanks for the important help you provided.  FR Raymond Erb, D-7000 Treasurer, your liaison with the youth was an important factor that helped us to perform a great job.  Our Executive Secretary, Pat Schneider and her husband Bob did a great job before, during and after the gala keeping all the information in order making the registration task looking easier than it is.
Each and every one of our members who helped to make a success of this Centennial celebration deserve my sincere appreciation and INSPIRE me to work harder for the success of this first year of the second century that we started last month.  Thanks for trusting me to start this new chapter.
Guest speaker, Steve Spears of Bonneville Contracting & Technology Group and President of the Puerto Rico Associated General Contractors of America, gave a detailed overview of the Association's history, With 26,000 members, AGC has its offices in Arlington VA and is the largest and most powerful construction industry lobby in the nation.  The local chapter was founded 55 years ago and counts 300 members.  Our speaker gave interesting highlights on the local industry The years 1996-2008 saw billions in construction: Tren Urbano, Choliseo, Convention Center, Super Tubo, Solar and Wind farms and a housing boom creating 100,000 direct jobs and 150,000 indirect jobs.  The great recession of 2008-2016 witnessed the loss of 90,000 jobs.  It is estimated that the reconstruction after Hurricanes Irma & Maria will generate many jobs.  $10 billion in reconstruction funds are predicted for 2020-2030, FEMA claims to have spent $14 billion in humanitarian aid to date, including bridge and road repair, emergency power restoration and food and supplies.  The slow payout by the insurance industry is due to insolvency of insurers and insufficient reinsurance, litigation of claims, and FEMA restrictions on disbursements (Puerto Rico high risk zone (corruption). In addition, inept pubic agencies: DTOP, AEE, ACT, AAA.  Several challenges are the migration of workforce, pay scales/labor laws, insurers and education reform.  Opportunities include reverse migration to attract new residents, alliances with monster companies, and educate the workforce by alliances with trade schools, universities, Junior Colleges and On the Job Training.  Speaker Steve Spears holds degrees from Purdue U, and post grad studies at UPR, IAU, Sacred Heart and UMET.  A long way for a boy who grew up on a farm in Indiana.   
CELEBRATING BIRTHDAYS IN JUNE:  3-Hector Gaitan; 4-Federico Sanchez; 6-Jorge Socca; 7-Juanita Morris; 9-Jillian Carmichael; 11-Major Eric Rodriguez; 15-Orlando Fiallo & Amaury Rivera; 25-Bob Bolte &
Sal Nolfo.
CELEBRATING BIRTHDAYS IN JULY.  1-Philip Bixler; Jose Duarte da Silveira; 8-Dr. Rafael Rodriguez-Mercado; 13-Russell Patterson; 18-Willie Li; 20-Carlos Hamil; 26-Jose (Pepito) Rivero-Olmedo; 31-Roberto Valentin.
We hope you will sit at the Reserved Birthday Table and enjoy a complimentary glass of wine.
THE ROTARY FOUNDATION awarded Past President Luis Marti with his Sixth Paul Harris Recognition lapel pin.
THE CONGRESS OF LEADERS OF PUERTO RICO's mission is to identify and train potential leaders of our community.  The non-profit organization counts over 35,000 alumni considered as the most talented of our young people. Invited as guest speaker at their 30th Anniversary meeting was San Juan Rotary President, Jose (Pepito) Rivero, who was honored with a commemorative scroll. 
SAN JUAN ROTARY'S HURRICANE RELIEF FUND presented Pisadas de Amor with an $11,000 check.  Located in Manatí, Pisadas is a non-profit organization that has been helping the elderly for the past five years - focusing on creating safe and secure housing It is a VALOR authorized entity.  Pictured is President Pepito handing the check to Julio E. Soto, official representative of Pisadas de Amor.
OUR CLUB'S PAST PRESIDENTS, from 1967-68 TO 2016-17, attended in full force to the Change of Command program.
EXECUTIVE SECRETARY PAT SCHNEIDER happily accepts a beautiful orchid plant from President Ken for her work this year.
DISTRICT GOVERNOR & PAST PRESIDENT JUANITA VALENTIN MORRIS is pictured with newly installed President Pepito as he presents San Juan Rotary's commemorative plaque to outgoing President Ken.
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